Home decor 2022: The 8 main trends for the year!

Home decor 2022: The 8 main trends for the year!The home decor trends 2022, also called accessories, are perfect items to give a lot of charm and style to the environment, in addition to making it more pleasant. Therefore, never think only of furniture in decoration, but also of 2022 home decor as fundamental. But, in which objects to invest to achieve these results? We have prepared a list of the main ones.

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Furnishing items 2022: LampHome decor 2022: The 8 main trends for the year!

The lighting fixtures has the differential of giving more personality and is one of the most important 2022 home decor, in addition to contributing positively to the ambient lighting.

You can use it in the bedroom, living room and home office, ensuring a creative result.

In doubt about choosing the ideal light fixture for your home? A surefire tip is to invest in a model that has to do with the rest of the room’s decor.

If you go to the living room or bedroom, prefer to use a warm light bulb to give a greater feeling of comfort.

Home decor 2022: VaseHome decor 2022: The 8 main trends for the year!

The vase, whether with a floral arrangement or without, is a piece that gives much more style and sophistication when we choose 2022 home decor, especially when it has original and creative design.

It is possible, for example, to invest in several vases and spread them around the house or else buy more imposing models and leave them in a strategic point of the room, with greater visibility, to enhance the piece.

When choosing the perfect vase for your home, look for one with the same decorative style already used in the house.

In addition, it is important that the color of the piece is similar to that of other shades used in the decoration, to create a harmonic look.

Furnishing items 2022: MirrorHome decor 2022: The 8 main trends for the year!

The mirror is a great ally of the 2022 home decor ! The piece brings refinement and elegance to the decoration, being the ideal investment for those who want to add a touch of luxury to the environment.

This is not the only benefit of the piece! As the mirror reflects images, it helps to feel spacious, giving the visual impression that the room is bigger. So it is an excellent investment for small rooms.

You can adopt the mirror in different ways in your home decor. The most traditional is to place it on the wall, be it a large piece or several small ones. Another option is to invest in furniture with mirror coating.

Just be careful when investing in these 2022 home decor : make sure that the piece is not reflecting the image of a problem in the decoration, such as peeling paint, so as not to highlight it further.

Home decor 2022: PictureHome decor 2022: The 8 main trends for the year!

The board is a great alternative to transform the 2022 decoration quickly and without work.

It exists from cheap versions to the most expensive ones, covering all pockets and tastes.

The piece can be hung on the wall or supported on it and on some furniture, ensuring a more modern and stripped-down look for the decoration, something that is up for 2022.

Home decor 2022: Picture frameHome decor 2022: The 8 main trends for the year!

Although the picture frame is one of the most well-known 2022 home decor, it remains on the rise, mainly because it allows personalizing the environment with important images for the residents of the house.

You can use the traditional picture frame resting on the table or invest in modern versions such as triple (comes with 3 frames attached in cascade effect) or with a different and original design.

Home decor 2022: Blackboard and memory boardHome decor 2022: The 8 main trends for the year!

The slate is a traditional decoration item and works very well in homes with children, as it allows them to play and scribble on the wall without causing major damage to the painting.

The memory board is perfect for taking notes and planning (something that can also be done on the blackboard).

There are several creative models available on the market, pieces that help to complement the 2022 decoration with style.

Home decor 2022: ClockHome decor 2022: The 8 main trends for the year!

Perfect piece not to miss the hour and still put one of the 2022 home decor that are a trend on your home wall.

Prefer to use a clock with a special design, such as those with a minimalist or retro format, always combining the piece with the rest of the property’s decoration.

Decorative objects 2022: Handmade adornmentsHome decor 2022: The 8 main trends for the year!

Great examples of handcrafted adornments are those made in tapestry for the wall, flags of natural fabric, wooden miniatures, pendants and dolls. They are 2022 home decor that give a touch of exclusivity, personalizing the environment.

Such pieces are perfect to complement the decoration of environments such as the living room, the couple’s and children’s bedroom, including the kitchen. The best? They are generally affordable, which is ideal for transforming the environment without spending a lot.