Kitchen design: 10 creative ideas for designing a kitchen

At the beginning there was the kitchen – beautiful, new, modern or at least furnished somewhat to one’s own taste. With a new kitchen, the kitchen design is usually simpler. But little by little, signs of wear appear or your own design ideas have evolved.

Kitchen design: 10 creative ideas for designing a kitchen

Creative life hack for the kitchen

The design of the kitchen should, above all, take practical aspects into account. When it comes to cooking, it often feels like you don’t have enough hands to do everything at the same time. Stir, season, read the recipe, etc. the list is long. For this reason, all important utensils should be ready to hand . You can also help yourself with this clever hack.

With these ideas, kitchen design will go smoothly

If you no longer like the old kitchen, it’s time for a redesign. There are different options available, depending on your budget and the planned scope of the modernization work. The following tips provide comprehensive suggestions for redesigning the dining room and kitchen.

Tip 1: Redesign kitchen furniture

The budget often only allows for limited modernization work. Buy new kitchen furniture? Given the prices, this is only possible after a longer savings phase. But just painting the kitchen fronts helps to make the furniture shine in a completely new shine. To do this, the fronts are first roughened with sandpaper so that the new paint can adhere well. Then the chosen color comes into play, where you have the opportunity to play with different colors, apply new patterns and create your very own design. Let your imagination run wild and implement completely new ideas in terms of color!

How do colors work in kitchen design? Bright and yellow colors are friendly and inviting, they represent light and evoke feelings of happiness. You can bring a little bit of your vacation into your own kitchen. The color green stands for naturalness, but should not be too dominant or bright. The solution here can be white wall cabinets and a mild shade of green. You can’t go wrong with red. This color is suitable for kitchen design of small and large as well as simple and luxurious cooking areas. If red seems too dominant for you, you will find a good compromise with the orange painted kitchen wall. By the way: Of course, the entire front never has to be painted. A small splash of color, for example pipes painted yellow, sometimes works wonders and is a surprising eye-catcher.

Tip 2: Replacing the fronts

Are the kitchen fronts already very worn? Then it’s not enough to apply new paint – new fronts are needed . These are available inexpensively in standard sizes from a well-known Swedish furniture store and many other furniture stores. You can also have the fronts made to measure; there are many providers on the Internet who, like the local carpenters, work very carefully. Choose from different surfaces and coatings, decide between matt and glossy surfaces and various colors. Here you are practically designing a new dining room in which you can also use various material combinations.

For a real kitchen design, it is sometimes necessary to replace the fronts. Even if it sometimes hurts financially: most owners of new fronts are happy about their completely changed kitchen after installation. A new attitude to life often arises when cooking and eating together with the family. It’s worth finding out more about it without obligation and taking possible costs into account. The range is really huge and the difference is impressive when, for example, a worn plastic front is turned into elegant alpine-style wood paneling.

Tip 3: New fronts without drilling

You don’t always have to replace the entire front; you can also beautify the kitchen by sticking foil or panels on it. You can easily stick these panels on with adhesive pads after cutting them and design them individually. Instead of relying on wood, you can also opt for Plexiglas, which you stick on the kitchen fronts. Window pictures can be stuck onto this or you can draw directly onto the glass with window paints. Even children can become little designers! All you have to do is make it clear to them that the remaining pieces of furniture should not be painted. It is important that you trace the contours of the motifs twice, allowing the contour paste to dry for a day. The window paints are only used after the paste has dried.

It is perhaps the second best solution to use foil for kitchen design. But there are plenty of creative ideas to be found. And there are almost endless ways to redesign the kitchenette. The visual effect is usually almost as convincing as purchasing new kitchen fronts. Of course, you have to be careful when installing these to avoid unsightly cracks. With a little skill, you can also use this “trick” to conjure up a really new atmosphere in the kitchen.

Tip 4: Beautify the fronts with foils

Clean the kitchen furniture first and remove small bumps. Only then can you be sure that the film will stick reliably to the new design of the furniture. Before sticking on the furniture, remove the handles and cut the film one centimeter larger than needed. You can cut off the protruding edges with a carpet knife after gluing.

Tip 5: Redesign the ceilings

The ceilings in kitchens may look nice at first, but they quickly appear slightly gray – cooking and frying causes colors to fade and white ceilings are no longer really white after a short time. If you are planning a new kitchen design, you can implement modern ceiling design ideas . Decide between a simple woodchip wallpaper that you paint in the desired color, between stucco ceilings or panels. Great ceilings complete the new kitchen and give it a distinctive ambience. The ceiling completes the room and makes it look homely – but adapt the ceiling design to the rest of the room.

Tip 6: Replacing the worktop

The worktop in the kitchen quickly looks worn out – something was quickly cut without a board and the vegetables from the garden were put down along with the sand. However, small scratches are noticeable, especially if it is a sensitive wooden panel. When planning your kitchen, keep in mind that a new worktop could make sense. This will make an incredibly big impact! When purchasing, pay attention to high quality and durable material. Worktops made of plastic are cost-effective, while more elegant and expensive models made of solid wood are cost-effective. Granite is particularly recommended because such worktops are scratch-resistant and robust, as well as heat-resistant. However, they make the room appear slightly cool.

Tip 7: Design the walls

When planning your kitchen, consider the wallpaper and colors on the walls. If the furniture in the kitchen is rather simple, you can create real eye-catchers with eye-catching colors on the walls. Underline the ambience of the entire apartment with well-chosen colors or accentuate individual areas within the kitchen space. You can simulate unity and separation and fully express your creative side when designing your kitchen. Tiles may also be an option, although if they have already been used for the floor, they no longer belong on the wall.

Dark furniture and colors create a calm bar atmosphere, but you should always keep in mind that where it is dark you also need light. (#03)

Kitchen wall accents: Fruits on the wall: Colorful accents for the kitchen and dining room (#04)

Tip 8: Use blackboard foil

Your children will thank you: As part of your kitchen design, beautify the room with blackboard foil or a special blackboard paint. You can use it to design a piece of furniture or an entire wall on which something can be written later. In addition to the memo function, there is a wonderful painting surface for the little ones to let off steam on when mom and dad are busy preparing a larger menu. By the way, blackboard paint is no longer just available in black and green, but in many bright colors.

Tip 9: Let there be light!

Many kitchens are rather dark and uncomfortable, but with the right use of light they could be beautiful! Use suitable overhead lighting to illuminate the dining and cooking areas and use individual LED lamps to accentuate special areas. Light the worktop separately so you can see what you’re doing while cooking. The entire living space becomes more pleasant thanks to brightness! Also use indirect lighting to achieve the desired effect.

Tip 10: Make kitchen splashbacks chic

Tiles on the walls are a thing of the past when it comes to kitchen design . Today, instead of the usual tile backsplashes, printed kitchen splashbacks are preferred, which are made of glass and are available in many bright colors. They can be designed individually and therefore fit perfectly into the kitchen ambience and the personal ideas of the residents.

Various motifs are available to choose from and can be adapted to your own wishes. What applies to the motifs themselves also applies to the colors that should be taken into account when planning the kitchen. You can even use your own photos and put them on the back walls. If you want, you can take photos of the vegetables from the garden and put them on the kitchen wall .

The self-designed kitchen back wall is either hung or glued on, so it stays securely on the wall. It is insensitive to heat and UV light. This guarantees that kitchen users will continue to enjoy the back wall for many years to come.

Are you looking for more modern ideas to spice up the kitchen space? Then take a look at this blog , where you will find countless tips and advice that will help you achieve a completely new feeling of living.

While you’re already designing the kitchen , how about modernizing the living room at the same time? Just like for the kitchen, there are great ideas for the other living spaces that can create a completely new feeling of living – without you having to dig deep into your pockets. Small moves have a big impact – just adding accessories such as shelves or signs can create a completely different way of living. This applies to the living room as well as to the bedroom and children’s room, to the bathroom and to the hallway.

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