Update your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

Update your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestryWallpaper has experienced different periods of popularity over the years but is currently the subject of a real craze. In large part, this is due to the fact that homeowners are more and more daring in their choices of modern and expressive wall decor . If you are planning to add a touch of personality to your interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry, read on because below we bring you the must-have styles that are stealing the show right now.

Which trendy 2023 tapestry to make a statement of creativity and good taste?

The reason wallpaper is on the rise is that there’s no faster way to transform a space than with it. There are more walls than anything else in any room, so adding interest is essential. This can be achieved with a wall tapestry or with a colored paint .

It is important that a design surprises and creates harmony in the interior, you can accomplish this goal by mismatching all the elements – this will add diversity and rhythm to the room. Don’t be afraid to choose items that are a true representation of you and your personality, these are the decorations that say something about you and your home.

From traditional flowers and architectural trompe-l’oeil motifs to contemporary geometries and tropical motifs, there is a style for everyone. The right wallpaper can make a true statement of impeccable taste, providing a captivating backdrop for any area, including the kitchen and bathroom. Whether you want to create an accent wall or decorate all four walls, here are the upholstery trends worth following right now …

1. Modern wallpaper bordersUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

Some manufacturers are reviving the retro trend of wallpaper borders. Introduce a striking and contemporary take on ’80s fashion with this eye-catching decoration to smash walls and add an element of visual delight. Oversized borders can transform and enhance any interior – from invigorating rainforests to tranquil landscapes, each pattern transports you to another world.

Indeed, you can use a tapestry border at any height but it is most effective when glued in line with traditional architectural details. With so many decorating possibilities, wallpaper lines work wonders when placed in the center of the wall, like a work of art, or higher, like a scene that you could admire from your bed or the tub. The latest technology now gives them the best moisture resistant properties, meaning you can place one along your kitchen as an interesting backsplash or place a serene scene in the bathroom to introduce an oasis of calm.

2. Black and white tapestry with artistic faces and linesUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

Line art and abstract portraits à la Picasso have been popular in recent seasons but with an emphasis on accessories instead. This year, this daring trend settles on the walls and invites itself inside homes whose owners have sensitive souls and seek an expression of themselves.

Linear art patterns range from large scale murals to smaller face prints to fit any room. We think such an abstract masterpiece would look stunning on the taller wall in a bathroom, paired with walls painted sage green, for example. Add a monochrome tribal patterned bath mat, pom pom towels and tropical plants to accompany this trendy 2023 tapestry.

3. Textured wallpaperUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

There won’t be any raised eyebrows if you’re tempted to stroke the walls this season, as surfaces get soft and three-dimensional with the textured wallpapers making a comeback. Whether it’s imitations of plush upholstery or tactile materials, homes need a multitude of textures. We want the decoration to speak to us, literally as if it were whispering “touch me, I’m irresistible”.

Many fabric and wallpaper specialists strive to combine the two. The result is beautifully decorated surfaces that are neither; they become a decoration in their own right with immediate depth, Parisian glamor and particular sophistication.

The latest trend in wallcovering is to give the walls an alluring texture or textured effects, ranging from printed cork and pearl papers to the 3D geometric patterns coming out of them.

In addition, some people even hang rugs on their walls to give them texture and make the ambience of a room softer and more comfortable.

4. Graphic or abstract expression on the 2023 trendy tapestryUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

To understand this trend, think geometrically but on a larger scale and with softer shapes. This style, which involves mixing simple, flat figures with bright, pastel colors, gives a modern twist to the popular graphic trend.

As for the abstract art that can be admired on interior walls in 2023, we can see a “playful” and “childish” touch. These colorful and cheerful creations have the ability to bring any room to life.

5.Maximalist masterpieces in the form of modern wallpaperUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

As more and more of us spend time at home, it becomes a place of rest and relaxation, but also a place where we want to surround ourselves with joy, colors and patterns that make us happy. One of the easiest ways to make a radical change in an interior is to add wallpaper. Consumers are embracing bolder, more colorful prints and pairing them with coordinating hues on furniture. Maximalism is back in full force in 2023 and we predict this fad is here to stay.

6. Imposing shades of yellowUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

The sunny shades of yellow are intended to boost morale and enhance the decor of our homes. Searches for “yellow wallpaper” have increased 49% since last year. Yellow is a great choice for kitchens, especially if they lack natural light. Her bright and cheerful nature brings positivity to the heart of the home. This warm and inviting shade radiates happiness and optimism, which is perfect when it’s time to bake cakes.

7. Fascinating muralsUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

Murals are experiencing a resurgence in popularity at the moment as owners seek to create exceptional walls. According to decoration experts, the most popular designs are forests, world maps, marbles and spectacular flower arrangements.

While the bravest paint their own walls, the most popular choice is wallpaper for a simpler finish. It is widely used in rental properties and also as a temporary solution to decorate spaces for parties and other special occasions.

8. Botanical trendy tapestry to welcome the outside insideUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

This invigorating trend for the botanical world is a theme across the board – from murals to houseplants, homes are awash with nods to nature. Intense greens reflect the colors and patterns of flora and fauna, creating a welcoming cocooning atmosphere.

By creating a balance between indoors and outdoors, we help make our homes an extension of the natural environment outside. If you don’t have a family garden or even a space with greenery, you can still establish that sense of grounding with tropical wallpaper .

Jungle and rainforest inspired tapestries are extremely popular this year. You can use them to create an accent wall in a dining room or kitchen, or pair them with dark green walls in the bedroom. Bamboo, animal, botanical, and scenic motifs are also on the rise, meaning exotic adventures are moving inside.

Jungle wallpaper

Since we haven’t been able to travel the past few months, these exciting styles are an easy way to bring the world to our home, which for many city dwellers was a distant pleasure until this point. That is why, many homeowners have looked for ways to bring the vacation into their homes. However, no more flamingos, the focus is on a more authentic lifestyle, of colonial and Caribbean inspiration.

Black and white palm tree tapestry

In addition, wallpapers and linens are accompanied by wooden furniture , wall art and lampshades, hanging lamps and fringed cushions.

9. Trendy 2023 tapestry with marble or stone patternUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

Wallpapers with a marble or stone look can help us achieve the look, without the cost. These wallcovering designs are some of the most popular right now, not least because of their versatility in grain and natural shape. There really is an abundance of color and texture choices, as well as application, as stone or marble effect upholstery can be used extensively in kitchens and bathrooms when the cost of natural materials is prohibitive.

10. Blue in all its magnificent shadesUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

In 2023, dark blue and navy color are highly sought after to create elegant and contemporary spaces. Did you manage to leave for your dream beach vacation in 2022? If not, know that ocean blues, from aqua to teal, are high on the list of colors to include in your wall decor in 2023.

11. Fantastic flowers on the wallpaperUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

Another trend about wallpaper that doesn’t seem to want to fade is flowers. With the rise of the grandmillennial style and cottagecore, flowers and floral art are extremely popular and the bigger the better.

The flower tapestry can be adapted to any space, whether vintage, retro or contemporary. Start by thinking about the color. The palette you choose will guide your decisions when selecting floral designs and serve as the basis for your project. When incorporating floral prints into your interior, think especially about the scale of the flowers in the designs. Large designs can make small rooms appear even smaller, so prefer smaller designs to create an illusion of expanse.

12. Panoramic wallpaperUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

Panoramic landscapes are also appearing on more and more wallpapers. Picturesque scenes and wall painting imitations highlight the walls and offer a variety of extraordinary statements. Panoramic wallpaper is interesting because of its large dimensions, it creates an almost dreamlike and immersive universe.

13. Trendy upholstery 2023 trompe-l’oeilUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

With trompe-l’oeil wallpaper , the walls look like something they are not. For example, this wall might look tiled, but it’s actually a nifty new wallpaper. This design gives an artistic taste through a spectacular scenic tapestry.

14. Magnetic tapestryUpdate your walls and interior with a trendy 2023 tapestry

Magnetic wallpaper is a versatile and practical covering. It can be removed, repositioned, in short, it can be reused endlessly. The models on the market are more and more innovative, perfectly imitating different natural materials such as wood or stone. Some magnetic wallpapers even feature reproductions of famous works of art or contemporary murals.

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